Who is the best soulmate for Virgos? Epic Zodiac Love Guide - Love Connection (2023)

Have you ever wondered who Virgos are most likely to be soulmates with? Or who are the bad love games?

Whether you're a Virgo or just reading up on a friend or partner, I'll give you all the details you need to know about Virgo soulmate compatibility!

Best Zodiac Signs for Virgo (Soulmate Compatibility)

Who is the best soulmate for Virgos? Epic Zodiac Love Guide - Love Connection (1)

Virgo and Scorpio

Virgo and Scorpio are sextile, which means they are separated by two signs in the chart. This usually requires a lot of rest.

Both zodiac signs are very deep thinkers who are true to their essence.scorpionsThey are more connected with their feelings, while Virgos are more in their heads.

This difference can make them a power couple that complement each other perfectly.

From themApproaching the lifelines, which is crucial in relationships. They like to plan things and have a strategy in hand.

Both zodiac signs sometimes have trouble relaxing, which can lead to tension, but find it.relaxing activitiesyou can relax together, you can handle these problems with ease!

Virgo and Capricorn

Virgo and Capricorn are trines, which are four separate signs in the birth chart. This is the basis for aVery natural and relaxed connection.

The two share the traits of being extremely hard-working and pragmatic, as well as being rooted in reality.

With this shared trait, the two of them can conquer the world together and build an empire.

Home is important to both of them, and they worry about taking care of their loved ones.

Capricorn tends to be moody at times, but Virgo's communication skills can handle these issues with ease.

On the other hand, the firmness and poise of Capricorn can calm Virgo's fears.

They complement each other perfectly and effortlessly fill in what the other lacks. This relationship can last forever.

A talented adviser confirms this.

The points in this article will give you an idea of ​​Virgo soulmate compatibility.

Even so, love and dating issues can be confusing at the best of times, especially since your situation is unique to you.

So could it help to seek outside advice?

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Virgo and Taurus

Taurus and Virgo are trines, separated by four signs. Being in a trine creates the most harmonious soulmates in the horoscope.

Both are earth signs and therefore grounded and pragmatic.

These two share their taste and often create beautiful homes.

Both signs tend to be dated and knowing that they have that in common gives them a sense of security.

They balance each other out in their properties. Virgo keeps Taurus' desires for luxury in check, while Taurus helps Virgo in thisto relieve.

Especially when starting a family, the compatibility of the two becomes very clear.

They both have a very affectionate nature that will make children feel safe and secure.

Virgo and Cancer

These two signs are sextile, which means that they are separated by two signs on the chart.

This immediately creates a simple and friendly connection.

BothKrebsand Virgo are more sensitive when it comes to feelings and emotions and feel better about giving to others.

Knowing that they have someone to lean on when times get tough is very comforting to these two.

They teach each other a lot. Cancer shows Virgo how to do itTake advantage of your intuitionmore, while the latter can teach cancer to take a broader perspective.intellectual approachThings.

This couple is hard to mess up. Both value security and simplicity.

Virgo doesn't like surprises and Cancer is a great planner, so both are safe.

Virgo y Aries

Aries and Virgo are staggered, separated by five signs.

This can be awkward at first, as Aries are very competitive and impulsive, which can trigger the sensitive and cautious Virgo.

At first glance, they don't have much in common, but if they manage to respect each other, they can learn a lot from each other.

Aries can teach the art of action and then thought, while Virgo can show Aries how to bring more structure to their lives.

They are not the easiest pairing, but if both are up for it, they can be a passionate couple.

Their attraction to each other will definitely stir feelings at first, and herspolarityit can be a source of fascination rather than an obstacle.

If they learn to adapt, these two could make quite a couple.

virgin and virgin

As soul mates, Virgo and Virgo can tease each other.

Since you already possess a very self-critical and analytical nature, seeing your own traits as a mirror in your partner can drive Virgos apart.

(Video) Is Virgo Compatible with Virgo? | Zodiac Love Guide

The benefit of this couple is that they find a thoughtful partner who will plan each endeavor down to the smallest detail.

In addition, both will be very responsible partners.

The downside of this match is that when times get tough, there is no one there to prevent both of you from falling into fear and panic.

In fact, they might become even more irritated, which could be the opposite of productive.

However, they never get bored. A shared love of exploration will lead to new experiences.

Virgo and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, so it fits with Virgo or with three separate signs.

Unfortunately, being square comes with a lot of problems early on and requires work and patience.

The Archer may seem too callous to the overly sensitive Virgo, but to the Archer they may appear timid.

A big plus in this relationship is the fact that the philosophical nature of Sagittarius will be stimulating to Virgo, and they will have thatendless things to talk about.

This couple is not doomed to failure, like both signs.Put to workand learn to adapt to the differences of others.

Virgo and Pisces

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the horoscope and therefore the opposite of Virgo.

This dynamic is sometimes called a yin-yang pairing.

Pisces is very artistic, emotional, spiritual and loving. These traits can inspire the rational and down-to-earth Virgo or make them run for the mountains.

As they embrace each other's strengths, Pisces' patience and compassion can inspire Virgo to relax a bit and open up to their inner world.

This can build a bond of trust between the two of you.

Hiding your feelings and thoughts due to lack of security can cause problems in this relationship.

Communication is really the key.Here. If both of you communicate openly, you can work well together.

Virgo and Gemini

Virgo and Gemini are separated by three signs that can do it toobe calledSquare.

This sets the stage for a lot of excitement right off the bat, but this couple isn't necessarily doomed.

Both are flexible but indecisive, which can lead to a lot of frustration seeing these trends mirror each other.

Gemini is a free-spirited sign that can irritate you with Virgo's sensitivity.

Both zodiacs are ruled by Mercury, which makes their communication styles similar.

Curiosity and the desire to learn new things connect you both.

Control is important to both zodiac signs, but they differ in what they want to control.

Virgo prefers order at home, while Gemini focuses on controlling relationships with others.

As I mentioned earlier, as long as you can keep your controlling nature in check, you are not doomed. If that is the case, you are destined for a relationship filled with fun and exploration.

3 Signs Virgos Should Avoid (Soulmate Warning)

Who is the best soulmate for Virgos? Epic Zodiac Love Guide - Love Connection (2)

Before I start talking about the zodiac signs Virgos should avoid as soulmates, I want to add a little disclaimer here.

These relationships are not necessarily doomed; So if you and your partner are here, don't break up right away.

While compatibility is important, these things are just trends, not rules.

If both partners are willing, all these differences can be resolved.

But as you know, things in love rarely go as well as we would like.

That's why I recommend speaking with one of the talented and trusted advisors atfuente psíquica.

I mentioned them before.

You have been incredibly helpful in the past when I needed guidance on my love life and you will surely be able to help you with your compatibility issues.

Whether you prefer to chat online or use the phone and talk face to face, you can resolve this situation now.

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Virgo and Libra

Scaleand Virgo are semisextiles, which means they are separated by one sign.

This can cause inconvenience and misunderstandings.

Libra's indecision and fickleness can trigger Virgo.

They have a desire to solve common problems and enjoy creating a beautiful home together.

When things don't go as planned, Libras can sink into a take-home mentality.persecution. Virgo takes the opportunity to help them and solve their problems.

However, this is not necessarily a positive thing.

Over time, resentment can grow on Virgo's side because they always need to fix and manage Libra's life, while Libra can take advantage of Virgo's kindness.

Unless they find a way to do it.avoid this grudgedynamic and destructive, a peaceful and happy life can be difficult to achieve.

Virgo and Aquarius

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, making it the quincunx of Virgo (five separate signs):

This is not the best angle to start a relationship.

(Video) Dating A Virgo and Compatibility: 3 Best Zodiac Matches (Virgo’s TRUE Love)

Aquarius is concerned with what is going on in the world, while Virgo is not so interested.

The similarities these two share are their kind heart, compassion, common sense, and love.

Aquarius is a water sign and is prone to ebb and flow throughout life. This can complicate Virgo's grounding.

Aquarius can be very outgoing, which makes the introverted Virgo uncomfortable.

Bowing of the Virgin totake life seriouslycan be a turn off for Aquarius.

They find it difficult to combine their personalities and work as a team for a common cause.

If they can't find a way to deal with these differences, a Virgo-Aquarius relationship is prone to conflict.

virgo and leo

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is semi-sextile, a separate sign from Virgo.

This can cause some bumps in the road.priorities in lifeit just doesn't seem to be his turn.

The lionhe is known for his loud way of taking charge and going after what he wants. Virgo, on the other hand, is a patient sign that prefers to investigate before making a decision.

This indecision can be extremely frustrating for a Leo.

Leo doesn't want to dim their own light for someone else's comfort, while Virgo may have a hard time keeping their micromanagement tendencies in check.

This can quickly turn into a toxic dynamic, breeding resentment on both sides of the equation.

Being in tune with these two seems next to impossible, which is a very tragic probability for a relationship.

Unless some serious work is done to respect the tendencies of others and communicate effectively, this combination is doomed to fail.

Virgo as a soul mate

Who is the best soulmate for Virgos? Epic Zodiac Love Guide - Love Connection (3)

Virgois the right choice if you are looking for a loyal soul mate. Firmness and calm are the qualities expected when dating a Virgo.

Sparks and passion aren't what turn a Virgo on—they all represent something real, deep, and purposeful.

a need to help

Virgos have an unfulfilling desire to help others, so expect a lot of support when you date them.

Virgo loves to show their feelings for someone through kind and helpful acts.

They usually don't expect you to return the favor, they just want to give it to them.

especially if you wantget over yourself, a Virgo partner will do everything in their power to help you in this quest.

They ground you and want you to be your best self.

To them, your happiness is just as important as theirs and living your best life with each other is paramount to having a happy relationship.

quality before quantity

A Virgo in love is subtle. This may seem conservative at first, but it doesn't have to be that way in intimate relationships.

His style is not "in your face" but focuses on actions and words.

When it comes to relationships, her motto is definitely quality over quantity, which makes her more attracted to one-night stands, for example.

They do not express their love so much as they show it through actions and gestures.

Virgo in a relationship

Virgo's heart is usually in the right place in a relationship.

they work on itto be your best selfwhile helping their partners become their best selves.

This can quickly come across as overly judgmental and judgmental, even though your intentions may be pure.

A partner who does not understand the innocent motive behind the criticism may bebe pushed away.

As a Virgo, you can easily counteract this by being careful how you deliver your "helpful tips."

Virgo can sometimes focus too much on work and neglect their partners.

Work and play need to be a balance, especially with a partner in the mix.

dating a virgo

When dating a Virgo, intellect is a major asset. Virgos place a lot of importance on the other person's thoughts and how they take care of themselves.

A work ethic is attractive to a Virgo, as is the ability to make good decisions.

These are not the most exciting qualities, but stability and security are essential for Virgo.

Virgos are committed and need an equally determined partner to have a good relationship.

To get Virgo's attention, you need to work and show her that you're ready to lay a solid foundation.

How are virgins as lovers? (virgins and sex)

Like the literal Virgos of the zodiac, Virgos are often seen as uptight and uptight.

In reality, this may be quite the opposite. As long as a Virgo can completely trust their partner, being weird and eccentric isn't out of the question.

Virgos generally have a healthy attitude towards sex, they want to please their partners, and they take it easy.

But that doesn't mean they neglect themselves. They make sure that the pleasure is mutual.


Virgos are veryJung sexy. Touching your partner everywhere is one of the greatest charms.

They like to do it very slowly, which can often be a pain!


Their earthy base makes Virgos really good at sex.

(Video) Are Virgo & Capricorn Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

They're in tune with the physical world, so they're great at being in tune with their partner's needs in bed.


His perfectionism doesn't end with sex either.

A Virgo's determination to keep you happy and content knows no bounds.

Communication is key here. Tell a fellow Virgo what you like and he'll do it.

For all

Once initial trust is established, Virgos like to experiment with their partner.

No matter which spin you decide to try, a Virgo partner will fall at least once.

A Virgo's natural curiosity will drive them to try something new.

Basically, your sex life doesn't get boring so easily when you're dating a Virgo.


Another great Virgo trait when it comes to sex is honesty.

Clear communication is essential to a great sex life, and Virgos are direct when it comes to their likes and dislikes.

This will make it much easier to please each other, especially when honesty goes both ways.

So who is the best match for a Virgo?

When a Virgo is looking for their soul mate, a person with whom everything seems natural and easy,Travelis the best bet. Your connection seems to be working.

But how can you be sure that you have met your soul mate and if it is Virgo or Taurus?

The truth is:

We can waste a lot of time and emotions with people with whom we are not compatible. Finding a soul mate is not an easy task.

But what if there was a way to get absolute confirmation?

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slowly and steadily

Both signs prefer oneslow and steady approach to love.

They like to take their time before making game-changing decisions, and giving themselves that space to think will make them fall in love.

Virgo's tendency to worry and overthink can be mitigated by her Taurus partner.


When it comes to sex, Virgos tend to be more shy at times, especially when showing off their bodies.

Taurus is the perfect partner for her in this case, helping them relax, giving them the attention they need while she focuses on their gratification and not her own pleasure.

For Virgos, this could be the opposite of what they thought, in the most ideal way.

They learn to trust their partners and often begin to enjoy sex much more than ever before.embrace your sexuality.


Virgos are prone totrust issues, which makes it difficult for them to open up to anyone.

Taurus, on the other hand, is very laid back and cares about the beauty of sex.

This emphasis on sex can make Virgo feel inadequate, deepening her struggles with trust.

However, open communication can remove these obstacles.


Speaking of the devil, communication is an important aspect of any relationship.

Virgo's intellect will help Taurus understand the world a little better.

While Taurus is known for being a bit stubborn at times, Virgo balances this trait with patience and compassion and finds ways to get on the same page.

The two usually have no problem finding common ground in their discussions.


Mutual patience makes Taurus and Virgo perfect for each other.

Virgo takes time to build a strong foundation of trust before falling in love with someone, which requires Taurus to take it easy while waiting for that foundation to set.

With enough trust, these two can form a strong bond with mutual respect.

Common Mistakes Virgos Make in Love and Relationships

Although they would like to be, Virgos are not perfect. (Who is it?)

There are some mistakes they make in relationships. However, when working on these issues, Virgos can be great partners!

be too critical

constructive criticismIt is one thing to go too far is another. Virgos often unknowingly fall into the latter category.

Sure, their feedback can be incredibly helpful, and often well-intentioned, but when a Virgo doesn't deliver it correctly, it can come across as harsh.

think too much

Virgos are the masters ofthink too much. This tendency can be very damaging, especially in a relationship.

This zodiac sign tends to analyze everything their lover says and does, making it a frustrating experience for both parties.

DailyIt can be a great way to keep those thoughts at bay.

be controlling

Control freak is sometimes an understatement when it comes to Virgos.

While this eye for detail is helpful in some scenarios, in most cases it makes your partners feel constantly being watched and judged.

(Video) Make a Virgo Fall Madly in Love with YOU forever!

stuck in ruts

Virgos love their routines and habits. This can be great as it is the foundation for productive individuals.

However, when your routines become too rigid, the relationship can become strained.

Leave some room for flexibility and mix things up!

never ask for help

Virgo loves to give and help others. While this is an amazing quality, they are sometimes neglected in the process.

There has to be a balance of give and take in a relationship to thrive. When Virgo has trouble asking for help, the scales can tip too far in one direction.

Virgo Soulmate Compatibility Summarized

Who is the best soulmate for Virgos? Epic Zodiac Love Guide - Love Connection (4)

Virgos are great soul mates.

They want to pamper their lovers and help them become the best version of themselves and grow together.

Because of this, Virgo needs a partner who can put up with her controlling and critical tendencies at times.

Their habit of overthinking makes them excellent problem solvers, but if left unchecked it can cause relationship problems because they question everything.

Therefore, a partner who can calm them down and get them out of their anxiety spiral is a perfect match for Virgos.

The perfect sign for Virgos is probably Taurus, although Scorpios are up there too.

Zodiac signs, which tend to be more egotistical, free-spirited and moody, are Virgo's nightmare. These include Leo, Aquarius, and Libra.

Gestures and kind words are important to Virgo. They love to take care of their loved ones and sometimes they can go too far.

In the end, many signs would work very well with Virgo, especially if the communication is correct.

If both of them can control their stubbornness, almost all the two zodiac signs can have a happy and healthy relationship.

CommitmentIt's important and more than possible in any relationship, as long as people don't have to start sacrificing their core values.

frequent questions

What signs are incompatible with Virgo?

Libra, Aquarius and Leo are quite troublesome signs when combined with Virgo.

This doesn't mean the relationship is automatically doomed, but the two of you will likely have a lot more issues to overcome than with other zodiac signs.

What is the Virgo love language?

Virgo loves to help and give, so their love language is all about actions and gestures.

They will go out of their way to do good things for their partners, and helping them achieve great things is a way of showing your love.

What do Virgos hate in a relationship?

Virgos are all about trust and stability, so they hate fickleness.

When a partner doesn't commit to them or dumps them without warning, that's a big red flag for Virgos.

They want to feel safe and in control. A partner who doesn't respect that won't stay with them for long.

What qualities make the best partner for Virgo?

The ideal match for a Virgo is someone determined and grounded.

Being motivated and striving for success is a great incentive for this sign.

Security and stability are another crucial feature. Virgo wants to feel secure and stable.

On the other hand, they can really use someone to calm them down when they find themselves spiraling into fear and excessive thinking.

So all in all, someone down to earth they can trust, who at the same time helps them relax a bit.

What do Virgos want in a relationship?

In a relationship, Virgo wants to feel seen and safe.

They want to have a say in what is happening.

Virgo wants to achieve great things together with their partner. Living your best life together is a big priority.

They need stability to lighten up a bit. Having a partner who can make them feel safe is crucial.

Virgos generally want a stable home with their partner, a safe space.


By now you should have a good idea of ​​who Virgos are compatible with as soul mates. But if you're still not sure, I recommend consulting with a trusted advisor.

I mentionedfuente psíquicaearlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know that they are serious, friendly and helpful.

So instead of leaving things to chance, take control of this situation and find out what the future holds for you.

Talking to one of your experienced advisors was a turning point for me and I think it could be the same for you. Especially if you want to know who you are compatible with.

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Can a relationship coach help you too?

If you want specific advice about your situation, it can be very helpful to talk to a relationship counselor.

I know from my own experience...

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(Video) Are Virgo & Libra Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

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