Quiet | Features | Noel Gardner's new weird British review for May (2023)

From twisting metal dungeons to hair-raising sludge slides, your guide to the new and bizarre British suburbs is back, courtesy of Noel Gardner

Quiet | Features | Noel Gardner's new weird British review for May (1)Following Rosh

My latest New Weird Britain column began with a promise to feature artists from the weird parts of the UK, that is, places other than the towns and cities of half a dozen or more whose residents flock here with surprising regularity. I'm happy to announce that I've completed a few from shipping in May, so we're starting with the roughest two compartments of the month.

Ryan Hooper makes sound art likeheavy cloudSomewhere in Cornwall, but just in caseCeng Nuo, the project's first vinyl release, the exact coordinates aren't as important as the knowledge behind the title. Zennor, a small village on the southwestern edge of the county, is the setting for this "lo-fi radio drama" based on field recordings and interviews.

This last element will certainly be heavily manipulated, leaving little intelligible language. More often, Hooper reduces human tones and textures to the fragrant slush of surreal sounds. Cassette tapes vibrate and spin, piano keys wave in the mix. Heavy Cloud's voluminous LP so far contains many examples of buzzing environmental beauty:Ceng NuoIt's definitely grittier and harder, from the details of "Underground Without an Audience" to the full sound of the B-side section (part of "Fog Recital" and "Smudged Songs"). Twelve hits were followed by "Tired Nothingness And The Last Days Of Emptiness" and digital bonus "Zennor Sound Group Work Tapes." Both come in at about seven minutes, with the vocals coming to the fore, making the label "radio drama" even more apparent and rounding out a very compelling album.

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Andrew Fletcher, also known by unexplained namesSoloman Tromp, now living in Devon, which again influenced his craft. After 2022Dartmoor electronicsHere's the CDR with the "Queen of Pain Electronics" Distraxifire axe, Fletcher with tapeParadox Conference Group– A relatively new venture from Paul Harrison, who has been active in the British noise scene for over 30 years alongside stars such as Neil Campbell and Dylan Nyoukis. "Forged in part in Dartmoor, Devon, England," says the Tone Burst label, you might be blown somewhere wild and windy for over 40 minutes, but anyone who claims to know the sound of the British wilderness is going on with false confidence work. .

axe…It starts with a beat, or at least sounds reminiscent of it - "Lime Green Felt Wand" is a metal dungeon dirge as Aaron DiLoway might be surprised; There are some programming beats - before we tackle the more obscure ones. Expect microphone feedback and claustrophobic, piercing fuzz; broken, shattered loops of what used to be melodies; disgusting, incessant thumps, like torn militia boots on the approaching march; snaking snakes Shaped electronics and bird sounds, if you don't find them off-putting, can ultimately be joyful. Fletcher says he and Harrison played "grim riffs" and "snarky noises" on the tape, after which it melted back into a lovely pool of plasma.

second printingjagerIt's also the latest in a run of dozens by East Anglian folk revivalist Laura Cannell, and this solo incarnation is unlike almost anything else that bears her name.destruction horizon(Brawl) are nine unique electropop songs that use folklore, spirituality and ecology to create a bombastic, personal song. Hunteress started as the first wave of blocking tactics - a collection of songs recorded and released at homeEdition- Idestruction horizonSam awaits a 2021 release.

Despite the circumstances in which they were created, it could be argued that these songs - the happy synthesizer lines, programmed drums, layered vocals and the large space that dominates the mix - are more common than much of Cannell's work and extroversion, the effect of violins and clarinets in Cannell's compositions is a kind of mid-century minimalism. They too have made significant progressEditionPsychedelic urges and impassioned dance moments: Gwynord Huntress, Kelly Lee Owens, or Caribou's Headspace, to a lesser extent, share, in my opinion, though as far as I know, those acts don't feature on their records as much as Cannell.

The extent to which it remains in contact with its folk roots is crucialdestruction horizonpower. Not only the vocals are ethereal, the cathedral organ outbursts are also subtle, almost ironic in their confrontation with the synth parts. On upcoming album The Boneflower, these stately tones are combined with sharp, ultra-stylish breakbeats: proving, if necessary, that Laura Cannell has more strings than bows.


There are dozens of versions with this namei worry about satanThere are, and since "a fusion of various forms of electronica and post-rock" simply doesn't appeal to me, I hardly pay any attention to it. You would think that the man behind the name, Gavin Miller of Bradford, would have no reason to care what I think. But moving to a beat-free, cloud-forming instrumental vibe on the half-hour tape released through new-age neighborhood label Golden Ratio Frequencies, and giving the finished article a fragile German national football theme, Miller targeted me with a laser on me Tasted with really questionable precision.

I hope you enjoy the BundesligaEssentially a live guitar recording, this guitar is processed in real time with a pedal that sustains chords to the point where they assimilate into a single, slightly mutated quasi-drone. There is a reverb trend on "Munich", with a slight dub techno pedigree; the album's most evocative moment of bliss and dread occurs simultaneously on "Berlin" – a watercolor transition of the tune; You get a headache, while "Dresden" has the recognizable sound of connecting guitar strings every now and then. so when…BundesligaVery inappropriate for the giddy pyrotechnic displays and deafening vocals of the title competition, if you need a soundtrack for a trip to the lunar desert, look to Stars Of The Lid, Labradford or Leila Abdul-Rauf.

The middle section of this column takes the opportunity to celebrate immigration to and from the UK by publishing musicians whose histories are associated with such movements.Following RoshBorn and living in London, of French-Egyptian descent, he dabbled in the visual arts for many years before releasing music. with hernear something that escapedThe album (Accidental Meetings) touched on something unconventional: I would write something like 'ceremonial gothic electropop', agreeing that it can't be so conveniently defined.

closer……I think the drums are mainly acoustic, with Laroche repurposing the vocal channel as part of a song with buzzing, buzzing electronics. The title track features a punchy bass line and crazy trap beat; "It's Only You That You Walk With" fits well with the 1980s dub, but transitions into a more hip-hop style break. Sung in English, Laroche has reverted to Arabic on several previous EPs, and the twin inspirations of Persian poetry and Ursula K. Le Guin are cited in relation to the lyrics on this release, though I suspect "fuck you find out" ("Find out") to prevent it from not being recorded.

duo of brothersAthosgrew up in a Greek Cypriot community in London, but maintains tangible cultural and emotional ties to Cyprusknow what's going on(Abaju), their debut album. The music video for the album's song "Finger Mountain" features a very poignant father dance in which Anthony and Dmitri Castellani's father, George, performszabekikoTo convey the longing for the hometown, right behind the same mountain.

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Before that - album opener 'Seven Corners', the undulating piano melody and something that looks like a zither - then Athos took its legacy into audio form and brought it to the weirdest pop track ever recorded int. "Whatever Beauty" is clearly reminiscent of Arthur Russell in non-disco mode, and features Russell's longtime collaborator Peter Zummer on his trombone; it's unclear if they made it with him in mind, or if he or the leading hand is moving it in that direction, though that probably doesn't matter. ("Radiator Boy" later returns with this piercing grace, sans Zummo, though flautist Clémentine March is valuable here.) Their instrumentals tend to be a little busier than their vocals, though "Lemon Tree" is quite mesmerizing: a waltz in the ballroom which may have been the soundtrack to a movie about the milkmaids made in 1962 and locked in a vault shortly after.

"AbsolutelyGod in HackneyIn Brighton, Chapel Hill, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles, New York and Odiham. "I wonder if - from the cover to the third album The God In HackneyAir World Quotes(Junior Aspirin) - For the first time, the location listing places "The City That Never Sleeps" next to a sleepy Hampshire village. More broadly, it refers to the kind of erudite, cosmopolitan, unconventional avant-garde pop that TGIH brings together here across the Atlantic.

The founding quartet section of Andy Cooke, Dan Fox, Ashley Marlowe and Nathaniel Mellors is strengthenedTWIQTwo Americans: Eve Essex and indie rock trumpeter Kelly Pratt. The latter adds a lot of value to "Facing the New Science", which, combined with Fox's easy vocals and Marlowe's beautifully humming drums, draws comparisons to Hood and the Van Der Graaf Generator - if you can imagine. "Bardo!", another of Pratt's features, which allowed him to scribble a few words at will here, and "Interstate 5", in an era without such shame, could be called "jazztronics". Essex takes the mic and saxophone on "Red Star", which is the same award as Annette Peacock and Dory Previn (those claims sound strange to me too; I can only ask for your confidence).

bristol maker hamishKunlaoTrevis was commented on in two previous NWB editions: first solo and then in a duet with the Italian MC Franco Franco. Andpermit(Drowned By Locals) promoted a cassette album with 17 songs and 15 guest artists from almost as many countries. (Exact statistics are disputed - Wales has Elvin Brandhi and Max Kelan, for example). The result, a multi-faceted analysis of industrialized international rap, was fresh enough that I felt pretty relaxed about Kinlaw for the third time.

permitIt contains three sets of cards and is said to be recreations of cards "found in a flooded basement"Barclay housein Poole. Trevis likes to spread this fictional concept in his own wayceramicstag, which means I doubt anyone else is interested in this topic. The early foursome, starring local lions Danny Nedelko, Dali de Saint Paul, Birthmark and Kelan, offers tenderness and belligerence, grace and destruction, evoking a dizzying array of emotional responses.

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In that regard, Kinlaw's production aesthetic is refined, but he seems to want to push the sound of his two albums with Franco Franco (also featured on "E Gli Fanno") into the red or into the abyss. The dungeon door slams shut, the feedback coming from the machine and relentless; when the light shines through, like Flow Tha Key's feature film "Kinchasa", the origins of jazz-hip-hop are completely remixed...but it's never less In a tub of fun. Intercontinental connections developed over the past five years have made this possiblepermitExistence is pretty incredible when you think about it - maybe taken for granted.

He resignedhave just released their second albumit means, which is a great sludge carnival slide. areAlready checked on this page, but I'll be dealing with the two versions of Rezzett - Jackson "Tapes" Bailey and Luke "Lukid" Blair - right behind.

imperious, The Trilogy Tapes 12" EP, like the album, is an obvious choice for anyone with a single problemit meansIs it over? Darker on average, the title track ripples forward with an almost crackling sound, the jungle patina of 1993 builds on "Kermit" and "Dots", and the duo's production choices diverge in terms of design. a club listening to the main showroom from the outside corridor. Or "For those who haven't heard anything else that sounds like Burial, here's what Burial sounds like."

itOn callThis tape immortalized "Ill-Studio and General_Index in collaboration with Slam Jam, a one-off performance as part of the ADDPMP installation [501-999]", and instead of discovering that it might spoil my fun, I locked myself away in this morphine filled patchwork quilts of deep house 'u, devilish toasts, angelic breakbeats meet beautiful melodies, and real cavern/grit/fat seeped into the gears and stretched into my head. I literally felt like an early 90s concert bootleg recorded to a soundboard at 6am.

12 inch debutgynoid74offers a more linear approach to this addictive Chicago house, but is still twisted and psychedelic.EP-ka Shrooma? I should be cocoa! In another transatlantic relationship, producer Isobel Hughes met T4T LUV NRG label owners Octo Octa and Eris Drew while DJing at Hughes' shop in Glasgow. Whether by luck or design, all four tracks sound like they were designed for the tastes of the American power couple, and gratitude is a must when their tastes are as classy as theirs.

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"Shroom" is a tune with, well, a tropical rhythm beat plus their own Midwestern sigh. 'Rain' was the first rave wave of the Octo Octa type and was collected and bottledResonatoralbum. "Close" has the post-sourness of British bush pre-technique and the persistent PHEEP of the proverbial hunchback or judges' association Christmas party. Finally, "Chromatic" is the most upbeat piece of the Upbeat Elements EP, featuring nothing but dry metal drums for several hybrid episodes. I bet I'd love to hear about its use in clubs! But I just realize Gynoid74 gave me my life today.

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